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  • 英文篇名:Research Progress of Plant Lesion Mimic Mutants
  • 作者:刘思辰 ; 曹晓宁 ; 王海岗 ; 王君杰 ; 陈凌 ; 田翔 ; 秦慧彬 ; 乔治军
  • 英文作者:LIU Sichen;CAO Xiaoning;WANG Haigang;WANG Junjie;CHEN Ling;TIAN Xiang;QIN Huibin;QIAO Zhijun;Institute of Crop Germplasm Resources,Shanxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences,Key Laboratory of Crop Gene Resources and Germplasm Enhancement on Loess Plateau,Ministry of Agriculture,Shanxi Key Laboratory of Genetic Resources and Genetic Improvement of Minor Crops;
  • 关键词:突变体 ; 类病变 ; 细胞程序性死亡 ; 超敏反应 ; 抗病性
  • 英文关键词:mutant;;lesion mimic;;programmed cell death;;hypersensitive response;;pathogen resistance
  • 中文刊名:山西农业科学
  • 英文刊名:Journal of Shanxi Agricultural Sciences
  • 机构:山西省农业科学院农作物品种资源研究所农业部黄土高原作物基因资源与种质创制重点实验室杂粮种质资源发掘与遗传改良山西省重点实验室;
  • 出版日期:2020-02-20
  • 年:2020
  • 期:02
  • 基金:山西省重点研发计划项目(201903D221087,201603D221003-5);; 国家现代农业产业技术体系建设专项(CARS-06-13.5-A16);; 山西省自然基金面上项目(201601D02049);; 山西“农谷”研发专项(YCX2017D2205)
  • 页:146-150
  • CN:14-1113/S
  • ISSN:1002-2481
  • 分类号:S432.1
    Plant lesions(lesion mimic, LM)is a phenomenon that spontaneously formed like necrotic lesions of the pathogens infection. It occurrs in plant leaves and leaf sheaths and other parts without any external pathogenic factors and stress condition. This type of mutation is similar to the symptoms of plant allergic reaction, is a kind of programmed cell death(PCD). The plant resistance to some plant pathogens is enhanced in the plant lesion mutants. In this study, the characteristics, genetic mechanism, pathogenesis of disease spots, disease resistance, cloning and functional analysis of plant lesion mutants were summarized to provide theoretical basis for the study of the programmed death mechanism of plants and genetic improvement of resistant varieties.
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